Bite-sized QGIS

Learn QGIS one bite at a time.


What is Bite-sized QGIS?

Short, focused, and hands-on online courses designed to teach QGIS in bite-sized proportions. QGIS can be very complex and have a lot of nuances. By having short and focused courses, we’re trying to ensure that participants don’t get overwhelmed while at the same time giving them freedom to choose to learn only what they want and pay only for what they need. Some people don’t need to learn everything about QGIS and are only interested in specific use cases and that’s entirely alright.

You’re a beginner who just wants to learn how to style and create maps? Take the Beginner-level Loading & Styling Layers in QGIS course. You’re an experienced user who wants to learn how to do network analysis in QGIS? Take the Intermediate-level Network Analysis course. Courses are designed so they can be taken independently of each other.

Online class and self-paced options are available. Online classes are kept small to encourage participation and communication while also ensuring that everyone is given attention. Both options include a FREE workbook, video materials, and participation in the mentoring sessions.

Included in the bite-sized QGIS courses are the mentoring sessions – 1-2 hour sessions in between courses where participants can ask more questions and clarifications, consult and seek help with the trainer on QGIS and GIS related problems, and apply what they learned in the courses.

Official QGIS Certificates are available. BNHR is QGIS Certifying Organization. For a fee, you can get yourself officially certified with using QGIS. This fee is donated back to the QGIS project to help support and maintain it. You may opt to get one certificate for all the courses that you take.


Sign-up or check out the course schedule below for the course availability. The payment and other details will be emailed to you after signing-up. You may contact me if you have suggestions as to the content or schedule of the courses.

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Bite-sized QGIS (Beginner)

Great for beginners or those who want to start learning QGIS

Options: Add-on:

Online Class Option

Self-paced Option

QGIS Certification Add-on

Introduction to QGIS & Spatial Data Types

Loading & Styling Layers in QGIS

Layer Creation & Editing

The Attribute Table & Spatial Queries

Basic Vector Processing & Analysis

Basic Raster Processing & Analysis

Bite-sized QGIS (Intermediate & Advanced)

Suitable for experienced users and those who want to become QGIS power-users.

Options: Add-on:

Online Class Option

Self-paced Option

QGIS Certification Add-on

Network Analysis

QGIS Processing & Graphical Modeler

Advanced Cartography & Map Design I

Advanced Cartography & Map Design II

QGIS & Python I

QGIS & Python II

QGIS Expressions & Geometry Generators

QGIS & Spatial SQL

QGIS & Other Data Types

Bite-sized QGIS (Domain Application)

For those who want to learn how to utilize QGIS for their specific domain or use-case.

Options: Add-on:

Online Class Option

Self-paced Option

QGIS Certification Add-on

QGIS for Solar Energy Resource Assessment

I also provide training for organizations. Contact me if you want to bring the training to your organization or group.

You might also want to check out our other services or our other course offerings for the spatial and data literacy tracks.


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