Hi, I'm Ben.

Below are samples of my work.

maps and visualization

battle of katipunan
How the Battle of Katipunan was lost with CourtVisionPH and QGIS
JGDL's impact with CourtVisionPH and QGIS
range map of UP MBT field goals (2017)
Range map of UP MBT field goals (2017) with CourtVisionPH and QGIS
heatmap of UP MBT field goals (2017)
Heatmap of UP MBT field goals (2017) with CourtVisionPH and QGIS

open source projects

caritas pdra analysis qgis plugin
Caritas PDRA Analysis Tool

A QGIS plugin that performs analysis on the Participatory Disaster Risk Assessment (PDRA) data by Caritas Philippines. This includes risk computations, mapping of at-risk households, etc.

r.sun.remap.clear.monthly grass add-on

A GRASS GIS add-on that automatically generates the monthly clear-sky GHI rasters using r.sun for the REMap solar component.

decks and presentations

counter-mapping x technology
Counter-mapping X Technology

A short presentation on the intersections of counter-mapping and technology given during the maptimeDiliman X Geog Week 2019 event.

open contracting x open mapping
Open Contracting X Open Mapping

A presentation/workshop on how open contracting and open mapping can work together presented during an Open Data Day 2019 event.

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