Hi, I'm Ben.

I provide open solutions to spatial and data problems.

Why open?

I believe in the democratization of knowledge and technology.
I believe that people who want to work with or make sense of data and spatial information should be able to do so.
With open technologies, we can create solutions that are:


Different people have different problems that require different solutions. There is no one-size fits all.

Bespoke solutions are tailor-fit to your needs because, like suits and dresses, the best solutions rarely come from off-the shelf.


Lower your immediate and future costs by saving on license fees and paying only for what you need, when you need it.

No more overpaying for software -- don't buy the entire toolshed when all you need are three or four tools.


Lack of single-vendor lock-in and license liabilities.

Perfect for small organizations (e.g. NGOs, CSOs, newsrooms), local governments, communities, and people in general who are looking for budget-friendly ways to leverage the power of data and spatial information.

Want to know more?

Curious about how we can collaborate or still need more convincing?


Consulting & Support

Migration, integration, deployment, and maintenance of FOSS4G applications such as QGIS, PostGIS, and GeoNode.

Building data-readiness and data culture.

Education & Training

Basic, advanced, and specialized courses on QGIS, GRASS, GeoServer, PostGIS, GeoNode, Leaflet, Python, R, and many others.

Data literacy and data wrangling workshops.

Development & Innovation

Bespoke desktop, web, and mobile GIS/mapping applications using FOSS4G stack.

Data and spatial applications for academic, socio-economic, and market research.

Analytics & Visualization

Analog and digital cartography. Extracting insights from data. Decision-support systems.

Data storytelling.

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