Hi, I'm Ben.

geospatial generalist. open source & open data advocate. maptivist


  • Individual engagements

  • OCT 2018 - present


    Royal Haskoning DHV
    ADB Spatial Data Analysis Explorer (ADB-SPADE)
    Provide maintenance and support services for the SPADE web application (GeoNode) developed for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) which involves troubleshooting and solving issues related to the SPADE application and its components (Geoserver, Postgres, PostGIS, Django, Leaflet, AWS)
    Provide technical support for SPADE data administration (user account management, data upload, etc.)

  • APR 2019

    GIS Trainer

    Wisdom and Wealth Trade
    Prepared, designed, and conducted training for members of Bhutan Power Corporation and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kingdom of Bhutan on QGIS, GeoServer, PostGIS, and other FOSS4G applications for utilities and agricultural applications respectively.

  • DEC 2018 - APR 2019

    GIS Specialist

    Philippine Geographical Society
    Counter-mapping for peri-urban social justice: accounting for spatial narratives of community resistance and dispossession in urban transition
    Prepare and design the mapping activities and methodology
    Facilitate community-based, participatory mapping initiatives
    Collect and consolidate relevant primary and secondary data
    Create a spatial database for storing and processing data
    Develop the website for the project

  • NOV 2018 - MAY 2019

    GIS Specialist

    Cerebro Innovators and Accelerators, Inc.
    Provide geospatial services, support, and solutions using RS/GIS and Simularity’s AIADS (Automated Image Anomaly Detection System)
    Develop a QGIS plugin to run AIADS in QGIS

  • AUG 2018 - MAR 2019

    Geospatial Analysis Consultant

    Thinking Machines Data Science, Inc.
    Provide needs-based training and consulting services on open-source geospatial software and technologies including PostGIS, QGIS, GDAL/OGR, and Mapbox

  • JAN 2018 - APR 2018

    Technical Service Provider

    The CBCP - Caritas Filipinas Foundation, Inc.
    Digitized Community Disaster Risk Mapping and Information for Efficient Humanitarian Response and Development Programming in the Philippines (#DigitalPH) Project
    Developed methods to digitize the results of NASSA/Caritas Philippines Participatory Disaster Risk Assessment (PDRA) into usable and shareable GIS-ready formats leveraging Open Data Kit and QGIS
    Developed a QGIS plugin for analysis of PDRA data
    Developed a webmap for showing the results of the PDRA
    Trained NASSA/Caritas Philippines staff and other stakeholders on the use of QGIS and Open Data Kit

  • AUG 2017 - SEP 2017

    GIS Systems Developer

    International City/County Management Association (ICMA)
    Strengthening Urban Resilience through Growth and Equity (SURGE) Project
    Provided technical assistance to Zamboanga City in developing a Centralized Geographic Information Management System (CGIMS) -- a platform for different local government agencies to share geospatial data and perform geospatial applications (mapping, analysis, etc.) -- using GeoNode

  • DEC 2016 - JUN 2017

    Computer Programmer

    Philippine Geographical Society
    Child-Centered Participatory Approaches and GIS for Disaster Risk Reduction Phase 2 (CPAG-DDR 2)
    Developed a QGIS plugin that performs Multi-Hazard Child Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping using different indicators such as exposure, vulnerability, and capacity


    Ground Receiving, Archiving, Science Product Development and Distribution

  • APR 2019 - PRESENT

    University Researcher II

    Conducting research and development of webGIS and geospatial tools and applications for the systematic operations of the Diwata microsatellites, and the subsequent processing, archiving and distribution of data products.

  • IAMBlueCECAM: BlueWebMaps

    WebGIS for Mapping, Supporting Decision- making, and Promoting Ecological Services of Blue Carbon Ecosystems

  • OCT 2017 - DEC 2018

    Senior Science Research Specialist

    Conducted research and development of webGIS and visualization tools, applications, and methods for the management and conservation of Blue Carbon ecosystems in the Philippines.

  • Phil-LiDAR 2: REMap

    Philippine Renewable Energy Resource Mapping from LiDAR Surveys

  • JUL 2017 - SEP 2017

    Senior Science Research Specialist

    Led the development of the project’s webGIS application (using Django, PostGIS, Leaflet, etc) whose main function is to allow users to determine the potential energy resource and site suitability in an area based on the data products of REMap

  • JUN 2014 - JUN 2017

    Science Research Specialist II

    Developed RS-based and GIS-based methodologies for assessing the solar energy resource and selecting suitable sites for solar PV installations in the Philippines
    Wrote a GRASS add-on that decreased the processing time of the solar energy model by 33%
    Created a web-scraping tool for downloading Linke turbidity coefficient values and weather station data in the Philippines
    Developed scripts for the analysis and summarization of the solar radiation data from the project’s pyranometers
    Mentored partner institutions on the workflows and methodologies developed by the project
    Provided GIS trainings to partners and stakeholders of the project
    Conducted fieldworks for installing pyranometers across the Philippines


  • National Graduate School of Engineering

  • 2015 - present

    MS Geomatics Engineering (GeoInformatics)

    Principles of Geographic Information Systems
    Advanced GIS
    Spatial Databases
    Object-oriented Programming for Geomatic Applications
    Principles of Remote Sensing
    Spatial Visualization
    Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management

  • UP College of Law

  • 2015 - 2017

    Juris Doctor


  • UP College of Engineering

  • 2014

    BS Geodetic Engineering

    Undergraduate Research Project
    CourtVisionPH: A System for the Extraction of Field Goal Attempt Locations and Spatial Analysis of Shooting using Broadcast Basketball Videos


  • School of Data

  • FEB 2019 - present

    Data Expert

    Provide technical support and expert assistance to Hivos and their local partners working on data and open contracting projects
    Help raise the level of data literacy of the partner organizations, support them in delivering tangible and sustainable data projects, and foster a connection between the partner organisation and the local data community

  • Jun 2018 - Jan 2019

    Data Fellow

    Selected as the 2018 School of Data Fellow for the Philippines
    Deepened my data literacy skills, worked alongside local partner organisations, and enhanced the local data literacy network through the Fellowship Programme
    Worked with School of Data and its local partners in the Philippines on projects related to data literacy, public procurement, open contracting, and government transparency, openness, and accountability



QGIS, GRASS, ArcGIS, ENVI, OGR, GDAL, PostgreSQL + PostGIS, GeoNode, GeoServer, Leaflet, Mapbox, OpenLayers, OpenStreetMap, Python and R geospatial libraries


Python, R, Bash, PHP


HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Sass, Django, Flask, Wordpress, Jekyll

Software Development

Git, Vagrant, Docker, Ansible, AWS, Slack, Trello


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), GPS, Total Station, Levels


Open Data Kit, Kobo Toolbox, LibreOffice, LibreCAD


  • Professional Licenses

  • Aug 2014

    Geodetic Engineers Licensure Examination

    Rating: 85.00 (Top 7)

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