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BNHR provides live online courses on free and open spatial technologies. Learn QGIS (and earn an official QGIS certificate to boot); how to utilize spatial SQL and spatial databases; and how to create web maps and web mapping applications.


Learn how data Data Literacy can help you as an individual or as an organization. What is data, open data, and data ethics? How do we work with data and how can we make it work for us? How do we build data culture?


One-on-one online/on-site consultation services for your data and spatial needs. Perfect for students, consultants, professionals, or people who require data and geospatial expertise for their projects.


Do you have a data or geospatial solution in mind but don't know where to start or how to build it? A data portal, a web map, or a QGIS plugin perhaps? BNHR can help you build bespoke solutions using free and open data and software.


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