BNHR.XYZ Training Courses (2024)

BNHR’s training courses are carefully designed to build upon each other, providing learners with a strong foundation and a clear pathway for continued growth. Each course focuses on a particular topic or theme and provides a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. The 2024 version includes a total of 11 courses covering a diverse range of topics from introductory lessons to advanced visualization and processing to geospatial data management:

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Learning Paths

Embark on a personalized learning experience with our carefully curated Learning Paths. These Learning Pahts are thoughtfully designed sequences and combinations of training courses, strategically aligned to guide you from foundational concepts to advanced skills. By enrolling in a sequence of courses that progressively build on each other, you ensure a well-rounded education, covering all essential aspects of a particular skill set. This tailored approach not only saves you time but also maximizes the effectiveness of your learning experience.

Introductory QGIS learning path

Geospatial visualization learning path

Geospatial analysis learning path

Geospatial data management learning path

Interested in a custom course for your organization?

I offer custom training courses for organizations and clients. It is similar to the publicly-available courses but with the following advantages:

  1. The training agenda and training materials are tailored to directly address the needs and capacities of the organization/client based on a pre-training survey and meeting.
  2. Training exercises can use your own datasets.
  3. It can be held on-site/face-to-face subject to your availability (transportation to and from your area/location will be covered by your organization or added to the training fee)
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