Spatial Databases (Introduction to PostGIS)

Who is it for

People who want to learn how to utilize the power of PostGIS in working with spatial data. Previous GIS and SQL experience is recommended but not required.

What to expect

Introductory course to using PostGIS for working with spatial data. By the end of the training, you should be familiar with performing common spatial analysis processes with PostGIS. You should be able to create spatial databases with PostGIS, execute basic SQL commands, perform PostGIS queries like joins, interesects, among others, and perform spatial analysis like finding the nearest points to a location, finding the longest, shortest, largest, or smallest objects, finding the shortest path, etc.


Approximately 24 hours (3 days)

Topics covered

Spatial Databases
What is PostGIS
Data Management in PostGIS
Connecting PostGIS with QGIS
SQL Queries
Spatial SQL Queries
Raster Analysis


Regular training schedules can be found here.
I also do in-house/on-premise training. Contact me if you want to bring the training to your organization or group.


[email protected]

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