Maps and Visualizations

Passion Projects

CourtVisionPH Spatial Analytics Dashboard for PHL Basketball

  2. A dashboard for performing some basic mapping and spatial analysis of field goal attempts from PHL basketball data.

Human Settlements and Population Webmap

  2. A webmap showing the number of persons living for every 100 sqm of human settlements in the barangays of Metro Manila, Philippines.

#DigitalPH PDRA Webmap

  2. A webmap developed for NASSA/Caritas Philippines for showing the results of their Participatory Disaster Risk Assessment (PDRA) in Catmon, Leyte.

3D GeoVisualization of Blue Carbon Ecosystems using Three.js

  2. Sample application of three.js in creating 3D geovisualizations of blue carbon ecosystems.

GeoVisual Communication Challenge (Spatial Visualization): Albay Map

  2. A submission to my Spatial Visualization (GmE 210) class. A webmap of the topography, land surface temperature, and NDVI of Albay, Philippines using Mapbox.

FOSS4G Projects

Caritas PDRA Analysis Tool (QGIS 3.X Plugin)

  2. The Caritas PDRA Analysis Tool performs analysis using data obtained using Participatory Disaster Risk Assessment (PDRA) by Caritas Philippines. This includes risk computations, mapping of at-risk households, etc.


  1. Available here
  2. A GRASS GIS addon that computes the monthly clear-sky GHI using an elevation raster and monthly average Linke turbidity coefficient csv. (For REMap SOLAR Component)

Presentations and Decks

CourtVisionPH: My story as a developer

  1. Available here
  2. The history, inspiration, and evolution of CourtVisionPH.

Introduction to Open Data and the Data Pipeline

  1. Available here
  2. Presentation about Data, Open Data, and working with data using School of Data's Data Pipeline given to the Philippine Collegian.

Developing a Spatial Analytics Dashboard for Philippine Basketball

  1. Available here
  2. My project for my Advanced GIS (GmE 222) class. Creating a spatial analytics dashboard for Philippine basketball using Python with data extracted by CourtVisionPH.

Exploring Spatial Visualizations of Shooting in Basketball using GIS

  1. Available here
  2. My project for my Spatial Visualization (GmE 210) class. Using GIS to create different kinds of visualizations for basketball -- from basic shot charts, hotzones, binning, 3D, etc.

CourtVisionPH: A System for the Extraction of Field Goal Attempt Locations and Spatial Analysis of Shooting using Broadcast Basketball Videos

  1. Available here
  2. Presenting about CourtVisionPH during the 2015 FOSS4G Conference.

Introduction to GRASS GIS and Scripting in GRASS using Python

  1. Available here
  2. Workshop during the FOSS4GPH-2016 Conference on GRASS GIS and Scripting in GRASS using Python.

Converting Solar Radiation Measurements from ASTI Weather Stations to a Monthly Average Shapefile using Python

  1. Available here
  2. Presentation during the PhilGEOS 2016 Conference.

FOSS as an Option

  1. Available here
  2. A short talk about the history, philosophy, and use of Free-and-Open Source Software (FOSS) and FOSS4G given before the Quezon City Information Technology Development Office (ITDO).

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